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Eating Disorders

When one change to how you eat, or your first diet, or your first attempt to shape your body into something other than what it is, tips into something that seems impossible to break out of, it's time to get some support. You may put off treatment because you've been saying for a long time that "this will be the last time". Recovery is a process that puts you back in charge, makes space for acceptance and care for the body that you have at any given moment, and ends the tug-of-war with food.

I work with clients who are new to treatment and those that have been working to address an eating disorder for a long time, and I have seen tremendous bravery and growth in my office. I offer help for a range of eating disorder behaviors and body image struggles, and we work together to find out how the eating disorder has been trying to help and find a way to learn options that work for your life now. Whether you identify with binge-eating, bulimia, anorexia, or something that isn't as easy to define, I'm here to help.

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