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The thing you want most is simply to turn it off. If you are familiar with the looping, deepening sense of dread and panic that can strike at a moment's notice, you know how disruptive it can be. Therapy can give you the tools and skills to help you get back to living your life when anxiety strikes. Once you know you can do that, many clients find that "the anxiety about the anxiety" gets addressed in the process.


In our sessions, we learn what your anxiety is and isn't, how it's disrupting your life, and what you would rather be spending your precious energy on if you could. One of the first things I do is make sure you know what works and doesn't work for long-term change. One of the most painful things about suffering from anxiety is that when you do what feels intuitive to cope with it, what any one of us would do, it can get worse in the long-term. I offer skilled approaches at a pace that works for you. These approaches, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Exposure with Response Prevention, have been shown to provide relief in the long-term. I also use my training in body-based mindfulness to help you find effective ways to soothe the physical symptoms of anxiety and find your way back to calm.

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